Sixteen Baltimore pastors are displaying the gospel for their communities in new and refreshed ways and your financial gifts made that possible.

Thank you.

Your generosity has been a blessing to Creative Missions. It’s overwhelming to consider the accomplishments this year by the 30 creatives and techies who spent the week in Baltimore.

  • 40 Videos
  • 11 Websites
  • 14 Logos/branding (including sermon series graphics)
  • 17 Signs and banners
  • 38 Small printed items (including biz cards, letterhead, bulletins, newsletters, stickers, invite cards, brochures, etc.)
  • 18 Social media setups and consults
  • 3 Photo sessions
  • And lots more…

When total hours served by everyone are figured at an average freelance rate, this year’s Creative Missions crew gave away over $100k.

Don’t take our word for it.

  • “You really have been an answer to prayer. The cost, the quality, the listening ears and humble attitudes have been EXTREMELY refreshing and welcoming. THANK YOU. Creative Missions has answered our prayers with pixels.” – Tally Wilgis, Captivate Church
  • “I feel like the team serving our church recognized how much I did to prep for them and when I told them that I wanted them to work like they were on my staff they responded well. I didn’t just want them to “do” tasks, I wanted them to invest themselves in our church. This is one of the most enjoyable and exciting teams I’ve ever been around.” – Brad O’Brien, Jesus Our Redeemer
  • “You guys are the coolest missions team that has ever come through. Usually we have teams of teens that come in and paint and make a huge mess and cost us money. You bring the most practical and helpful things for churches. Churches have people that can throw a block party, but not what you guys do.” Joel Kurz, Garden Church

We need your ongoing financial support.

Creative Missions is a year-long endeavor. Even though the actual trip takes a week in May, the preparation is ongoing – 2 assessment trips, planning, administrative support, production, etc. We’re even looking into two trips in 2015. Please consider giving throughout the year.

“Those of you who support this, who pray for this, who fund this, please keep doing it. No other organization is as effective at helping us as the Creative Missions team. You guys knock it out of the park.” – Michael Crawford, Freedom Church

Again, thank you for playing a huge part in carrying out the vision God has called us to. Churches are making an impact in their communities all for the sake of the gospel because of your generosity.

Now, time to look forward to our fifth year.

Cleve Persinger
Creative Missions