Robots are cool. Especially that one in Rocky IV. Roboticists design, build, program, and experiment with robots.

Pretend you’re a roboticist, and sport this tri-orchid blended track tee, by donating $75 or more to Creative Missions.

Friend: “Oh, so you build robots? I had no idea.”
You: “No, but there are churches in Baltimore who now know how to run WordPress and ProPresenter because of my support.”


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  • All donations are tax deductible and are handled by The Center for Church Communication.
  • The fair market value of the t-shirt will not be tax deductible ($10). For example: $65 of a $75 gift will be deductible.
  • All online donations are processed via PayPal. You do NOT need an account.
  • Shirts will be mailed out by June 15, 2014.
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