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We help churches engage their communities with the gospel.

Creative Missions pairs media professionals with under-resourced churches and creates sustainable solutions that engage their communities with the gospel. Teams donate a week of onsite creative help to 10-15 churches and produce videos, websites, logos, printed items, tech solutions, and much more. We've covered a lot of ground since our first trip in 2011!

100 Churches

New churches and old (distinctly smelling) from multiple evangelical denominations

9 States

Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oregon, Vermont

80 Missionaries

Folks from all over North America and the UK have cheerfully given up a week to serve the local church.

Watch this video!

It's a recap from last year's trip to Vermont.

Why Montana in 2017?

AKA: Big Sky Country


The need for the gospel is great in Montana. Approximately 85% of Montanans do not have a relationship with Christ and 75% are unchurched. Many communities and towns are without an evangelical presence.

Montana boasts both Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, rolling grassy plains, beautiful rivers and lakes, abundant wildlife, and over nineteen mountain ranges. Pastors are praying the spiritual landscape of Montana will reflect its physical landscape as seeds of the gospel are sewn, communities are loved on, and God starts new churches from the gathering of new believers.

Creative Missions wishes to help churches impact lostness in Montana.

Many of the churches are small (10-300), remote, and feel isolated, but Montana is currently experiencing explosive growth across the state including Bozeman.

We are basing out of Bozeman, a young, vibrant city, and the fastest growing community in America. In fact, the tech industry is driving growth as Google and Amazon are in the process of building locations.

Pastors are excited about Creative Missions loving their state and serving their churches.

But you don't have to take our word for it!

A few quotes from pastors and Creative Missionaries ...

Help churches.

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